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Fake identification is now often used by people to avoid paying for goods, registrations, and transportation. A fake ID in the UK is a wonderful bargain because of the many different ways it may be utilized, despite the fact that different types and localities have multiple categories for IDs.

Fake ID UK provides Fake IDs in the United Kingdom for people who are unable to participate in several activities due to age restrictions or other factors. They are thus unable to obtain a particular type of identification card. When there is a demand for fake IDs in the UK, we can make them quickly with seals and number tags that blend in with authentic IDs.


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Fake ID Uk is the nunber 1 online provider of fake driving license, provisional license, proof of age card and student cards in the United Kingdom.

We produce fake Ids using cutting edge technologies and implementing updated security features which makes them exact replicas such as raised texts,clear laser engraving,surface embossing and albertosaurus images.

If you’re still underage, you can use these fake IDs to get around age requirements. Its ability to accommodate people in various scenarios requiring the use or display of an ID is helped in part by its accessibility and ease of use. Supporting your desires with such may assist you in your pursuits, pastimes, and various advantages it offers.

We’ve invested in the latest plastic identity card printing machines and advanced secure card designs to create the best fake ID available online

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Requirements for a fake UK ID

  1. First Name
  2. Surname
  3. Date of birth
  4. Place of birth
  5. Selfie photo
  6. Signature on paper
  7. Issue date you will like on the licence
  8. Address

Note: The prices stated on our website are without hidden cost and may seem expensive compared to other vendors. This is because we guaranty high quality customized laser printed IDs which are indistinguishable from original IDs and moroever, shipping is free

Types of fake IDs

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If you’re looking to buy a fake drivers licence in the United Kingdom to use as a form of Identification, you can get one from us.

At Fake ID UK, we provide high quality IDs one of which is a fake driving license which can be use for online verifications and serve as a prof of ID

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Do you wish to obtain a fake drivers licence such as a provisional liocense in the United Kingdom?

A provisional license isseud to people learning how to drive in the United kingdoma n can also serve as a proof of ID for online verifications and accessing bars and clubs

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Fake UK ID provides you with a Proof of Age card which is a system that validates a persons age and ability to drive, purchase cigarettes and alcohol.

PASS (the Proof of Age Standards Scheme) is a government-backed scheme in the UK that gives young people a valid and accepted form of proof of age identification

UK ID CARD FOR 16 17S 2021

Fake UK ID provides you with a Proof of Age card which is a system that validates a persons age and ability to drive, purchase cigarettes and alcohol.

PASS (the Proof of Age Standards Scheme) is grades with different age groups. You can obtain that which suits your needs by ordering one from Fake ID UK


 In order to drive for a living all professional large vehicle drivers must obtain the Driver CPC

Get all fake drivers licence from Fake ID UK which is Identical to the original and you will cause as ID proof 


You can obtain any Fake EU Identitity card or fake drivers licence in the United Kingdom at Fake ID Uk where we help you with all challenges you face with identifying yoursself either online or in real life when accessing clubs and bars

Why get a fake ID from us

Identification documents are most frequently used to confirm that the person possessing them is who they say they are. People in the UK are frequently required to present documents that serve as acceptable proof of identity (ID) and/or proof of residence.

Secure identity documents like fake drivers licenses are required when applying for job or renting a home in the United Kingdom as proof of identity, age, nationality, and status.

Below is a list of what you can do with Fake IDs like a fake drivers licence you obtain from our website

One of the primary uses of fake IDs especially fake drivers licence is to purchase cigarettes and alcohol. In the UK, a person must be at least 18 years old to legally purchase alcohol and tobacco goods, while many merchants raise this limit to at least 21 or even 25. Under the Challenge 25 policy, anyone buying alcohol who seems to be under 25, which is seven years older than the legal drinking age in the UK, may be challenged to show a valid form of identification. Teenagers and those under 25 use phony identification to circumvent this rule.

To visit pubs and nightclubs: Many bars and clubs do not admit patrons under the age of 18; some require a minimum age of 21; yet others may have ratified the Challenge 25 policy, which forbids entry to anyone who cannot present identification proving their age.

To drive with no licence – To drive, a person has to be a minimum of 17 years old and have passed their driving test. Fake driving licences are not only used by underage teens but also some drivers who have points on their licence or who may have had their driving licence revoked. To drive without a valid driving licence will also mean that the car and driver are not insured.

Fake Ids such as UK fake driving licences are often used to drive in foreign countries because there will be very little chances for authorities of that country to verify if the driving licence is legit or not

The majority of people complained about how imposters created bogus profiles in their names and used them to mislead their followers, and Facebook was frequently chastised for their abilities to thwart impersonation attempts. Facebook changed their user signup procedure verification approach in 2018. Every account holder has to authenticate their identity with Facebook using a driver’s license or state ID in order to activate their account. This boosted the market for digital fake IDs, and many people who work with phony accounts to obtain promotions and other benefits will require fake IDs to be validated on Facebook.

Identification as someone else is a well-known reason why people need phony identification. We frequently encounter cases when someone steal critical information from a person by posing as someone else or open a bank account using a fake license. It is categorically forbidden, and the majority of States have passed harsher legislation to hold offenders accountable. Fake identification cards with characteristics that are identical to those on real licenses are available on the market, and they are starting to arrive through internet sources like Irishdriverslicence

Prices of UK Fake IDs

Driver Qualification Card

£ 199
  • Raised Texts
  • Clear Laser Engraving
  • Surface Embossing and Albertosaurus Images

Citizen Card

£ 99
  • Raised Texts
  • Clear Laser Engraving
  • Surface Embossing and Albertosaurus Images

EU Identity Card

£ 149
  • Raised Texts
  • Clear Laser Engraving
  • Surface Embossing and Albertosaurus Images

FAQs about Fake IDs

Do these IDs work or pass scanners?

The IDs you get from us will pass any form of verification. You can use it to get access to clubs or during online verifications. To get the most out of these IDs, we recommend getting a learner licence or full driving licence which has been proven to pass all scanners

Can I create Revolut account with this ID?

Yes, you can use our Ids to create a revolute account with the details you require us to insert on your ID

How can I get an ID off you?

  • Fill the application form above and submit the details to WhatsApp
  • Provide the required documents via Whatsapp
  • Provide the required pickup address
Your fake ID is readily available for delivery within 5 days

How much do these IDs cost?

Find above the prices for each  ID. We provide discounts depending on the type and number of IDs required. If you don’t find what you are looking for, send us a Whatsapp message, and we will help you with any information you need.

How to pay ?

We provide several payment options to suit your needs

Are fake ids illegal ireland?

These IDs are not considered illegal if used properly. For more information on how not to break the law, send us a message

How the UK fake ID look

We produce fake UK driving licences which are 100% identical to originals but not registered. We guarantee you won’t be able to differentiate between the real licence and the fake we give you. Contact us and get a fake irish ID in 5 days. 

Whatever information you need on your fake ID, you will get it. Buy as many as you wish with different information and we will get it done in a fewdays and deliver discreetly to your address.

Take Note : Only to be used for verifications and accesing Bars and Clubs. If must be used to drive,  use in other European countries other than Ireland. To get a German driving licence, click here

How to spot a bad fake driving license

  • A hologram that is stuck on top of the plastic, rather than being smooth on the UK fake driving license
  • An artificial looking hologram in appearance on the fake drivers licence
  • A photograph that is stuck on top of the plastic.
  • A photograph that doesn’t match the person presenting the fake driving licence
  • An incorrect date of birth.
  • Details that have been altered or tampered with.
  • A non-smooth surface of the fake driving license

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