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Using fake identification has become a popular way for people to save money on purchases, registrations, and transportation. In the UK, a fake ID offers great value due to its versatility across various uses, even though different types and places may have different ID requirements.

Fake ID UK provides Fake IDs in the United Kingdom for people who are unable to participate in several activities due to age restrictions or other factors. They are thus unable to obtain a particular type of identification card. When there is a demand for fake IDs in the UK, we can make them quickly with seals and number tags that blend in with authentic IDs.


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Fake ID UK is your ultimate online destination for top-notch fake driving licenses, provisional licenses, proof of age cards, and student cards in the United Kingdom.

Our cutting-edge technology ensures that our fake IDs are precise replicas, complete with raised text, clear laser engraving, surface embossing, and even albertosaurus images.

If you’re not of legal age yet, these fake IDs can be your perfect solution to bypass age restrictions. The accessibility and simplicity of our IDs make them an ideal companion in various situations where an ID is required. They can support your interests, hobbies, and provide various other advantages.

To ensure the highest quality, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art plastic identity card printing machines and advanced secure card designs, making ours the best fake ID you can find online.

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Requirements for a fake UK ID

  1. First Name
  2. Surname
  3. Date of birth
  4. Place of birth
  5. Selfie photo
  6. Signature on paper
  7. Issue date you will like on the licence
  8. Address

Hey there! Just a heads-up: the prices you see on our website might seem a bit higher compared to other sellers, but there’s no hidden cost. That’s because we’re all about providing top-notch, customized laser-printed IDs that look exactly like the real deal. Plus, the cherry on top – shipping is absolutely free!

Types of fake IDs

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Looking to grab a fake driver’s license in the UK for your ID needs? You’re in the right place!

At Fake ID UK, we offer top-quality IDs, including fake driving licenses that work perfectly for online verifications and as reliable proof of identity.


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Looking to get your hands on a fake UK provisional driver’s license?

A provisional license is not just for learning to drive; it can also serve as a reliable form of ID for online verifications and getting you into bars and clubs hassle-free!


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At Fake UK ID CENTER, we’ve got your back with our Proof of Age card, a fantastic way to confirm your age and show you’re good to drive, purchase cigarettes, and grab a drink.

Our PASS (the Proof of Age Standards Scheme) is a government-supported initiative in the UK that gives you a credible and widely accepted form of age identification.

UK ID CARD FOR 16 17S 2021

Fake UK ID provides you with a Proof of Age card which is a system that validates a persons age and ability to drive, purchase cigarettes and alcohol.

PASS (the Proof of Age Standards Scheme) is grades with different age groups. You can obtain that which suits your needs by ordering one from Fake ID UK


 In order to drive for a living all professional large vehicle drivers must obtain the Driver CPC

Get all fake drivers licence from Fake ID UK which is Identical to the original and you will cause as ID proof 


You can obtain any Fake EU Identitity card or fake drivers licence in the United Kingdom at Fake ID Uk where we help you with all challenges you face with identifying yoursself either online or in real life when accessing clubs and bars

Why get a fake ID from us

Identification documents are often needed to make sure the person is genuinely who they claim to be. In the UK, there’s a common need for documents that act as valid proof of identity (ID) and/or proof of residence.

For various purposes, secure identity documents, including fake driver’s licenses, are necessary when applying for jobs or renting a place in the United Kingdom. They help confirm identity, age, nationality, and status.

Here’s a list of what you can do with Fake IDs, like the fake driver’s license you get from our website:

Fake IDs, particularly fake driver’s licenses, are commonly used for purchasing cigarettes and alcohol. In the UK, you need to be at least 18 years old to buy these items legally, though many stores enforce even higher age limits like 21 or 25. According to the Challenge 25 policy, if you look under 25 (seven years older than the legal drinking age), you might be asked for a valid ID while buying alcohol. This is why teenagers and those under 25 often resort to using fake IDs to get around this rule.

For a fun night out at pubs and nightclubs: Lots of these spots don’t allow anyone under 18, some have a minimum age of 21, and a few even follow the Challenge 25 policy. This means you might need to show an ID to prove your age before you can enter.

Driving without a license: You’ve got to be at least 17 and pass your driving test to hit the road legally. Fake driving licenses aren’t just for underage teens; some people with points or revoked licenses use them too. Keep in mind, driving without a valid license means no insurance for you or your car.

Using fake IDs like UK fake driving licenses is common when driving in foreign countries because it’s often tough for authorities in those places to check if the driving license is genuine or not.

Many people were upset about fake profiles being created in their names on Facebook, causing confusion among their followers. Facebook was often criticized for not being able to stop these impersonation attempts. In 2018, Facebook changed its user signup process, making it mandatory for every account holder to verify their identity with a driver’s license or state ID to activate their account. This change led to an increased demand for digital fake IDs, especially for those who use fake accounts to gain promotions and other benefits on the platform.

Using fake identification to impersonate someone else is a common reason why people seek counterfeit IDs. We often hear about instances where individuals steal important information by pretending to be someone else or open unauthorized bank accounts using fake licenses. This is strictly prohibited, and many states have implemented stricter laws to hold offenders responsible.

On the market, you can find fake identification cards that closely resemble real licenses, and they are now easily accessible through online sources like Irishdriverslicence.

Prices of UK Fake IDs

Driver Qualification Card

£ 199
  • Raised Texts
  • Clear Laser Engraving
  • Surface Embossing and Albertosaurus Images

Citizen Card

£ 99
  • Raised Texts
  • Clear Laser Engraving
  • Surface Embossing and Albertosaurus Images

EU Identity Card

£ 149
  • Raised Texts
  • Clear Laser Engraving
  • Surface Embossing and Albertosaurus Images

FAQs about Fake IDs

Do these IDs work or pass scanners?

The IDs you get from us will pass any form of verification. You can use it to get access to clubs or during online verifications. To get the most out of these IDs, we recommend getting a learner licence or full driving licence which has been proven to pass all scanners

Can I create Revolut account with this ID?

Yes, you can use our Ids to create a revolute account with the details you require us to insert on your ID

How can I get an ID off you?

  • Fill the application form above and submit the details to WhatsApp
  • Provide the required documents via Whatsapp
  • Provide the required pickup address
Your fake ID is readily available for delivery within 5 days

How much do these IDs cost?

Find above the prices for each  ID. We provide discounts depending on the type and number of IDs required. If you don’t find what you are looking for, send us a Whatsapp message, and we will help you with any information you need.

How to pay ?

We provide several payment options to suit your needs

Are fake ids illegal ireland?

These IDs are not considered illegal if used properly. For more information on how not to break the law, send us a message

How the UK fake ID look

Hey there! Looking for a fake UK driving license that’s a spitting image of the real deal, just not registered? You won’t be able to tell the difference, we promise! Reach out to us, and we’ll get you a fake Irish ID in just 5 days.

Whatever info you need on your fake ID, we’ve got you covered. You can buy as many as you like, each with different details, and we’ll make sure to have them ready for you in just a few days. Plus, we’ll deliver them discreetly right to your doorstep.

Remember: These are strictly for verifications and getting into Bars and Clubs. If you plan to use them for driving, we recommend other European countries, not Ireland. Need a German driving license? Just click here!

How to spot a bad fake driving license

  • Here are some signs to look out for on a fake UK driving license:

    • A hologram that looks stuck on rather than smoothly integrated into the plastic.
    • An artificial-looking hologram on the driver’s license.
    • A photo that appears to be affixed on the surface.
    • A photo that doesn’t quite match the person holding the license.
    • Incorrect or altered details, including the date of birth.
    • Any irregularities in the smoothness of the license’s surface.

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