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False IDs are more common, especially among those attempting to enter a system that has strict entry requirements. The requirement to maintain anonymity on social networking platforms has made it even more crucial. In order to enter bars and consume a few alcoholic beverages, minors must also use hologram identification. Here, we now provide IDs at competitive prices without requiring any formal procedures. At Fake ID Ireland, a website designed specifically for this purpose, anyone can now purchase false IDs with just one click.

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Getting a real ID can be a complex process, involving enrolling in a driving school for several months and sacrificing time with friends.

Investing your time in studying to excel in the challenging test is a great idea. However, even with driving experience, enrolling in a driving school remains a requirement. But if you wish to skip these tasks, you can consider getting a fake driving licence.
We at Fake ID Ireland create IDs that appear just like the real thing. Contrary to receiving a legitimate ID, buying an ID in Ireland is a simple process. Simply provide us your information, make a payment, and you’ll get your fake driving licence immediately.

  1. First Name
  2. Surname
  3. Date of birth
  4. Place of birth
  5. Selfie photo
  6. Signature on paper
  7. Issue date you will like on the licence
  8. Address

Note: The prices stated on our website are without hidden cost and may seem expensive compared to other vendors. This is because we guaranty high quality customized laser printed IDs which are indistinguishable from original IDs and moroever, shipping is free



A fake ID is like a shortcut to adulthood, offering various perks such as gaining access to bars and nightclubs, renting items, appearing older for dating, buying alcohol for you and your friends, aiding in securing an adult job with higher pay, and even enabling you to gamble.



Full Driving Licence

If you’re looking to buy an ID , there are plenty of options available. You can find IDs that look real, as well as ones that are completely fake. Whether you’re just looking to have a fun night out or need an ID to avoid trouble while driving, there’s an option for you. Obtain a fake driving licence 


Fake Learner Permit

Obtaining a fake ID in Ireland, such as the learner permit, is a breeze. It’s highly sought after in Ireland and can be acquired in just 3 business days. The Ireland learner permit opens doors to bars, clubs, and is handy for online verifications. Plus, it comes with detailed holograms, making it an exact replica of the original.


Fake Age Card

Need an ID to prove you’re of legal age for nightclubs and bars in Ireland? Get a fake Garda age card from us! Our cards are just like the real deal and breeze through all checks. Plus, we offer free delivery across Ireland!


Fake Student Card

get an official student ID for students in secondary and third level education.
Be recognised as a student and get access to student discounts.

Delivery is made at your home address or school campus in 48 hours completely free of charge


Fake PSC Card

A Public Service Card is typically given to individuals upon receiving a PPS number. This card includes important details like your name, photograph, signature, expiry date, PPS number, and card number. Additionally, it has a magnetic stripe that allows you to collect social welfare payments, such as pensions, at post offices.


Fake Irish residential Permit

An Irish Residence Permit is a handy card that indicates your legal status in the country based on your immigration permission, which is denoted by a stamp number. These stamps specify what activities you’re allowed to undertake, like studying, working, or investing in a business.


Fake IDs are becoming increasingly common as people seek to bypass payments for goods, registrations, and transportation. Despite the various categories and local regulations for IDs, they offer a convenient solution for many activities that are limited by age or other restrictions. These IDs can be swiftly created to blend seamlessly with authentic ones, allowing access to various activities that would otherwise be unavailable.

Having an Irish beer or enjoying a night out at a happening concert is often the main drive for young people to acquire a fake ID. For those under 21, accessing fancy restaurants or lively bars can be a challenge. To seize these fun opportunities, teenagers often resort to purchasing fake IDs online in an attempt to outsmart the vigilant bouncers or cautious restaurant staff checking IDs.

If you’re planning a light-hearted prank to surprise a friend, why not consider using an ID website to create a novelty ID? In Ireland, around one in ten teenagers enjoy playing pranks with their friends. It’s important to note the difference between “novelty” and “fake” IDs. A fake ID is typically bought with the intent of impersonating a specific group or institution, while a novelty ID is used for occasional fun and amusement.

If they want to take their girl on a date, the majority of the kids will use a fake Irish ID. That is accurate! Because any underage male wants to appear cool while dating a lady, and if you have the option to buy your girl a drink or two, why wouldn’t you want to do so? Therefore, the statistics also support this.

Fake Ireland Ids  are often used to drive in foreign countries because there will be very little chances for authorities of that country to verify if the driving licence is legit or not

Many folks were upset about the fake profiles made in their names on Facebook, causing confusion among their followers. To combat this, Facebook updated their user signup process in 2018, requiring every user to confirm their identity with a driver’s license or state ID. However, this move led to a surge in the market for digital fake IDs. Those using fake accounts to gain advantages like promotions are now seeking valid IDs for Facebook verification.

Using fake IDs to impersonate others is a common reason why people turn to phony identification. It’s concerning how some individuals steal important information and even open bank accounts using fake licenses. This behavior is strictly prohibited, and most states have implemented stricter laws to ensure that those involved are held responsible. These fake IDs often look so genuine that it’s becoming harder to tell them apart from real licenses. They can now be easily obtained through online sources like



There are 2 ways with which you can buy our fake cards.

The first will be to fill our online application form. This will require you to input your contact details and the required ID you need. We will then contact you with our available offers which will suit your needs.

The second and easiest method will be to click on the whatsapp button or Buy ID button below which will take you directly to whatsapp were you can talk with an agent and get your process started right away


While the government might not be emphasizing the issue, it’s important to treat it with the seriousness it deserves. Although the police may not have taken strict action against fake IDs, it’s crucial to abide by certain rules and guidelines to steer clear of any potential troubles.


Stay reasonable and level-headed when it comes to handling situations involving a fake ID. It’s important not to draw unnecessary attention to yourself by flaunting it. Moreover, it’s crucial to remember that presenting a fake ID to law enforcement or in a legal setting can lead to serious repercussions.

Avoid the temptation of using a false identity to pose as a student or opening a bank account with a counterfeit Irish ID. Such actions could lead to legal ramifications and create far more trouble than they’re worth. It’s always better to approach such matters with honesty and integrity.


Do these IDs work or pass scanners?

The IDs you get from us will pass any form of verification. You can use it to get access to clubs or during online verifications. To get the most out of these IDs, we recommend getting a learner licence or full driving licence which has been proven to pass all scanners

Can I create Revolut account with this ID?

Yes, you can use our Ids to create a revolute account with the details you require us to insert on your ID

How can I get an ID off you?

  • Fill the application form above and submit the details to WhatsApp
  • Provide the required documents via Whatsapp
  • Provide the required pickup address
Your fake ID is readily available for delivery within 5 days

How much do these IDs cost?

Find above the prices for each  ID. We provide discounts depending on the type and number of IDs required. If you don’t find what you are looking for, send us a Whatsapp message, and we will help you with any information you need.

How to pay ?

We provide several payment options to suit your needs

Are fake ids illegal ireland?

These IDs are not considered illegal if used properly. For more information on how not to break the law, send us a message

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