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False IDs are more common, especially among those attempting to enter a system that has strict entry requirements. The requirement to maintain anonymity on social networking platforms has made it even more crucial. In order to enter bars and consume a few alcoholic beverages, minors must also use hologram identification. Here, we now provide IDs at competitive prices without requiring any formal procedures. At Fake ID Ireland, a website designed specifically for this purpose, anyone can now purchase false IDs with just one click.

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Requirements for a fake irish ID #1 Fake ID Website

A real ID is not simple to obtain. To finish the process, various tiresome actions must be taken. Enrolling in a driving school is the initial step in obtaining a driver’s license, and the sessions typically last a few months. This implies you won’t have time to spend with your friends because it will take up all of your time.

It will be great if you devote your time to studying so that you can ace the difficult test. Even if you have driving experience, you must still go by the rules set forth by the government and enroll in a driving school along with the rest of the population. However, if you want to avoid these tiresome tasks, you can get a fake driving licence.
We at Fake ID Ireland create IDs that appear just like the real thing. Contrary to receiving a legitimate ID, buying an ID in Ireland is a simple process. Simply provide us your information, make a payment, and you’ll get your fake driving licence immediately.

  1. First Name
  2. Surname
  3. Date of birth
  4. Place of birth
  5. Selfie photo
  6. Signature on paper
  7. Issue date you will like on the licence
  8. Address

Note: The prices stated on our website are without hidden cost and may seem expensive compared to other vendors. This is because we guaranty high quality customized laser printed IDs which are indistinguishable from original IDs and moroever, shipping is free



A fake ID is like taking the express train to adulthood. There are many advantages, but there are also many obligations. Among the most noteworthy advantages are:

  1. You can enter bars and nightclubs using it.
  2. renting objects
  3. Dating (present yourself as the little older) (present yourself as older)
  4. For you and your friends, purchase beer or other alcoholic beverages.
  5. Assist you in finding a job as an adult and receiving adult pay.
  6. Gamble



Full Driving Licence

If you’re looking to buy an ID , there are plenty of options available. You can find IDs that look real, as well as ones that are completely fake. Whether you’re just looking to have a fun night out or need an ID to avoid trouble while driving, there’s an option for you. Obtain a fake driving licence 


Fake Learner Permit

To get a fake ID Ireland learner permit is very easy. This is one of the most demanded IDs in Ireland and can be issued in 3 business days. The Ireland learner permit can be used to access bars and clubs and also serve purposes of online verifications. This ID contains holograms ajnd is an exact r eplica of the original


Fake Age Card

Are you looking for an ID to proof that you have reached the legal age to purchase alcohol or gain access to nightclubs and bars everywhere in Ireland? Obtain a fake Garda age card from us which are Identical to the original and pass all scans. Delivery is free everywhere in Ireland 


Fake Student Card

get an official student ID for students in secondary and third level education.
Be recognised as a student and get access to student discounts.

Delivery is made at your home address or school campus in 48 hours completely free of charge


Fake PSC Card

A Public Service Card is usually issued when you are allocated a PPS number. The PSC contains the following information

Name, Photograph, Signature, Expiry date, PPS number,Card number.

It also holds a magnetic stripe to enable social welfare payments such as pensions to be collected at post offices


Fake Irish residential Permit

An Irish Residence Permit is a small wallet-sized card that shows you are legally in the State through the type of immigration permission you have, represented by a stamp number. Each stamp shows what you can do while you are here, for instance study, work or invest in a business.


Fake identification is now often used by people to avoid paying for goods, registrations, and transportation. A fake ID is a wonderful bargain because of the many different ways it may be utilized, despite the fact that different types and localities have multiple categories for ID. 

The majority of people are unable to participate in several activities due to age restrictions or other factors. They are thus unable to obtain a particular type of identification card. When there is a demand for IDs, they can be made quickly with seals and number tags that blend in with authentic IDs.

The desire to sample that Irish beer is the primary motivation for an adolescent to purchase an ID. One of the most popular justifications for getting an id is if you love to enjoy the greatest cocktails and drinks as well as the nightlife at casinos and packed concerts. Most likely, you won’t be allowed access to some of the nicest restaurants in your area if you are under 21. Teenagers acquire false identification online so they can try to fool the person checking IDs at the restaurant or the bouncers at the bar instead of depriving themselves of these enjoyable entertainment chances.

Pranks Why not utilize an id website if you have a friend and want to surprise him with a novelty ID? One in ten teenagers in Ireland will scare someone off by staging a prank with their buddies. However, the definitions of “novelty” and “fake” are different. A false ID is one that a person purchases with the intention of using it to identify themselves as a particular group or institution. The novelty ID is utilized on occasion and for fun.

If they want to take their girl on a date, the majority of the kids will use a fake Irish ID. That is accurate! Because any underage male wants to appear cool while dating a lady, and if you have the option to buy your girl a drink or two, why wouldn’t you want to do so? Therefore, the statistics also support this.

Fake Ireland Ids  are often used to drive in foreign countries because there will be very little chances for authorities of that country to verify if the driving licence is legit or not

The majority of people complained about how imposters created bogus profiles in their names and used them to mislead their followers, and Facebook was frequently chastised for their abilities to thwart impersonation attempts. Facebook changed their user signup procedure verification approach in 2018. Every account holder has to authenticate their identity with Facebook using a driver’s license or state ID in order to activate their account. This boosted the market for digital fake IDs, and many people who work with phony accounts to obtain promotions and other benefits will require IDs to be validated on Facebook.

Identification as someone else is a well-known reason why people need phony identification. We frequently encounter cases when someone steal critical information from a person by posing as someone else or open a bank account using a fake license. It is categorically forbidden, and the majority of States have passed harsher legislation to hold offenders accountable. Fake identification cards with characteristics that are identical to those on real licenses are available on the market, and they are starting to arrive through internet sources like



There are 2 ways with which you can buy our fake cards.

The first will be to fill our online application form. This will require you to input your contact details and the required ID you need. We will then contact you with our available offers which will suit your needs.

The second and easiest method will be to click on the whatsapp button or Buy ID button below which will take you directly to whatsapp were you can talk with an agent and get your process started right away


Just because the government doesn’t make a big deal out of it doesn’t mean you should abuse it. Contrarily, the police haven’t acted more firmly against phony IDs because there haven’t been any significant occurrences or significant scams involving them. In order to avoid this, we have put out a few regulations that you should follow.

  1. Be reasonable. You don’t suddenly own the universe and become entitled to everything because you hold a fake ID. It’s not important to stand out in order to prevent inquiries about your identity and line of work. Try to act like a grownup if that’s how you come across.
  2. Never provide a phony ID to a law enforcement or court official. That might put you in a difficult situation.
  3. Using a false identity while claiming to be a student does not make sense. In the best case scenario, mention having a graduate degree
  4. Never attempt to open a bank account using a fake Irish ID. That’s a terrible idea that could land you in jail or a lot of trouble. Additionally, if you manage to open a bank account and attempt to secure a loan. Then the issue can be multiplied by ten because you risk facing legal consequences.


Do these IDs work or pass scanners?

The IDs you get from us will pass any form of verification. You can use it to get access to clubs or during online verifications. To get the most out of these IDs, we recommend getting a learner licence or full driving licence which has been proven to pass all scanners

Can I create Revolut account with this ID?

Yes, you can use our Ids to create a revolute account with the details you require us to insert on your ID

How can I get an ID off you?

  • Fill the application form above and submit the details to WhatsApp
  • Provide the required documents via Whatsapp
  • Provide the required pickup address
Your fake ID is readily available for delivery within 5 days

How much do these IDs cost?

Find above the prices for each  ID. We provide discounts depending on the type and number of IDs required. If you don’t find what you are looking for, send us a Whatsapp message, and we will help you with any information you need.

How to pay ?

We provide several payment options to suit your needs

Are fake ids illegal ireland?

These IDs are not considered illegal if used properly. For more information on how not to break the law, send us a message

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